To reserve please send us the two pages of your application form by mail, fax or e-mail. A non-refundable deposit of $1000 dollars* (see 5.4) is required to confirm the booking. This deposit is required to secure space with airlines, hotels and other suppliers. The balance of the tour price is due for payment no later then 65 days prior to departure. In case of late registration, the total amount will be due immediately. Boreal Tours cannot guarantee services, if an invoice has not been paid in full before departure.
Names on the Tour Application Form must be submitted as per the way they are written in the traveler’s passport.
We will be sending documents via email (i.e. invoices). Please print your e-mail address clearly.


The rates are described in Canadian dollars. The rates include the contribution to the OPC fund ($1 per $1000). Rates do not include the cost of travel insurance, beverages, drinks, tips, border taxes and tourist visa fees (if applicable). Tips are mandatory and will be collected by a Boreal Tours representative either before the tour departs or upon arrival at the destination. Tips will be distributed to all suppliers offering services to the group such as guides, drivers and hotels. All travelers will be informed of the amount to foresee for tips before the departure.


All rates and conditions are subject to change without notice due to: increase in airfare, currency fluctuations and /or unforeseen economic circumstances. Should tax and fee increases be imposed by federal, provincial or municipal governments, an adjustment to the rates will occur. Prices are valid for a period of 60 days following the date on which a tour is published/ announced. The price of the tour was determined taking into account the exchange rate of the concerned countries’ currencies. The price may be revised and increased after the validity period of 60 days (and up to 30 days before departure) if major changes to the exchange rate should occur.


Payments should be made by cheque or money order, to the order of Boreal Tours in Trust, or by credit card (VISA or MasterCard).


Boreal Tours shall not be held responsible for any other costs incurred in connection with the travel preparation (visa fees, insurances, clothing, equipment, medical expenses or others).

For any cancellation called by a client, cancellation fees will be applied as follows:
5.1 Cancellation between date of registration to a tour and 65 days prior to departure: The deposit amount is non-refundable. ** 5.2 Cancellation 65 days or less before departure: no refund.
5.3 Any cancellation by a client must be made in writing. The date on which Boreal Tours receives the email or letter will determine the cancellation charge applicable.
5.4 In case of a cancellation called by Boreal Tours the full amount paid will be reimbursed without any penalties. *

** Plus any unrecoverable deposits paid to the airlines and/or suppliers.

Note 1: Purchase our cancellation insurance if you do not want to lose your money in case you have to cancel your trip!
Note 2: At any time, if cancellation by one or more passengers alters the rooming requirements of the remaining passengers, those passengers still travelling MUST PAY THE APPLICABLE RATE FOR ACCOMMODATION TO BE OCCUPIED.

Boreal Tours reserves the right to cancel a tour if there is an insufficient number of participants.


Any person wishing to prolong his/her trip must inform Boreal Tours of such a request at the same time as the registration process. Each request remains prone to the availabilities and rules of the airline company. Once accepted, the modification becomes final. Fees are applicable for any request of a modification of the pre-established date of travel. Any modification required by the traveler once the tour has begun (stopped stay and abandoned services), will not be eligible for lodging a complaint. All expenses engaged by a modification remain the responsibility of the traveler.


Boreal Tours is doing its best to provide accurate information in regards to flight details and schedules, but cannot be held responsible for any flight delays or flight alterations made by the airlines. Furthermore, Boreal Tours cannot try to help a client with the pre-selection of seats (aisle or window), because the airline is the one who manages the group’s reservation of seats on the aircraft. The airline will assign the seats to the passengers. Travelers will fly in economy class unless stated otherwise. If you would like to be more comfortable and fly in business class, please mention this to us on your application form. Extra fees will apply for a business class seat. If you require a special meal during the flight, please mention this to us on your application form in the “meals on flights” section.


No refunds will be made if a participant leaves a tour, for any reason whatsoever (even medical reasons), whether voluntarily or involuntarily, after a tour has started.
No refunds will be made for any unused accommodation, transportation, transfers, sightseeing, domestic and/or international flights, meals or services with or without notice.


A travel insurance policy covering emergency medical expenses abroad is mandatory.
We also strongly suggest that you purchase a travel insurance policy, which can include a travel accident insurance, cancellation insurance and interruption insurance, whether it is through the means of Boreal Tours or through another insurance broker that offers adequate coverage.
Every participant that states that he or she already has a travel insurance policy has to submit a photocopy of his or her policy to Boreal Tours. On the photocopy, we must clearly see: the insurance policy number, the policy’s validity dates, the phone number of the insurance company to contact in case of emergency while you are abroad and the type of insurance coverages. Boreal Tours reserves the right to refuse a participant that fails to show proof of adequate travel insurance.

Important: Do not purchase your insurance before receiving our confirmation that the tour will depart.

Please note: a cancellation policy should be taken at the moment upon which Boreal Tours will process the deposits. Boreal Tours will not process a deposit until the minimum number of participants required for the tour is reached and the tour is confirmed. Boreal Tours always calls the tour’s participants to advise at which moment the deposits will be processed. Furthermore, Boreal Tours always offers travel insurance at this moment, and not before the tour is confirmed.
For any insurance claim, clients must contact directly their chosen insurance company in order to find out how to proceed with the claim.

In case of emergency, illness or injury while traveling on a tour: the Boreal Tours staff and its team abroad will do their best to help you with the arrangements. However, you must understand that it is your insurance company who will make all the necessary arrangements regarding hospitalization and obtaining medical care, as well as your return to Canada. In case of emergency, you should contact your insurance company immediately. The insurance company will then take over the situation and decide what to do next. Hence the importance of having excellent travel insurance, such as the one offered by Boreal Tours.


Reasonable changes in the itinerary may be made where deemed advisable for the comfort and the wellbeing of the participants. While Boreal Tours will endeavour to operate all its tours as advertised, it reserves the right to substitute hotels or other accommodations, alter the itinerary, and reverse the order of places to be visited where deemed reasonable, necessary or advisable.


Participants have certain responsibilities to Boreal Tours and the other participants. The participants are responsible for understanding the conditions implied in the program and selecting a program that is appropriate to their interests and abilities. At the tour leader's discretion, a participant may be asked to leave the tour, if the tour leader feels that the person’s further participation may be detrimental to the tour or the other participants. Refunds are not given in such circumstances.


All passengers must have all travel documentation required by the laws of the countries to be visited: Passport and Visa (if applicable). The Passport must be valid at the time of departure and also valid for another 6 months following the date of your return back to Canada if you are going to the Middle East (requirement of certain governments). For most European destinations, your Passport must be valid for another 3 months following the date of your return back to Canada. Please inform yourself properly about this matter. Boreal Tours is not responsible in any way for any passenger traveling without the required documentation.

The names on the flight tickets must be the same names as on the traveller’s Passport. There is a fee to correct a name after the ticket is issued. It is therefore imperative that we receive a copy of page 2 of your Passport before your final payment.

If a participant looses his/her passport while on the tour, the Boreal Tours staff will do its best to:
a) Relocate the passport if it has been left behind and convey it back to the participant;
b) Help the participant with the procedures to follow in order to obtain a new passport (at an Embassy or Consulate).
However, all expenses pertaining to this matter (taxis, private drivers, translators, escorts, cost of documents, etc.) are to be paid by the participant.


Boreal Tours acts as an agent for transport companies, hotels, sightseeing organisations and other contractors and shall not be held liable for any injury, damage, loss, delay or irregularity that may occur, including, but not limited to, natural catastrophes, detention delays or expenses arising from quarantine, strike, theft, force majeure, civil disturbance, detention, assault, government restrictions or regulations, illness from food or otherwise, accident by aircraft, boat, bicycle, motor vehicle or any other form of transportation, failure of any means of conveyance to arrive or depart as scheduled.


The participant hereby acknowledges having read the provisions within, relating to the responsibility of Boreal Tours. By completing your registration, you agree to this contract. Please sign the application form before sending it to us. Thank you.

Boreal Tours holds a license of Quebec, in accordance with the law.

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