Borealtours :: Italy

Whether in the glorious hues of the Tuscan landscape, in the seamless union of the riches of the past, the reality of the present and the hopes of the future, or in the majesty of the Alps, you will experience a unique country with all its treasures. Choose the popular circuit of Rome, Florence and Venice which offers marvelous museums, churches, piazzas and gondolas on canals for you to explore. Or discover instead the countryside where the pleasures derived from the scenery and the passionate people are enormous.


Rome, the Eternal City, is only 2500 years old but undeniably a city of history. As you walk down the streets you can feel history coming alive. Discover the Roman heritage: the impressive Roman Forum, Palatine Hill and the Colosseum, everlasting symbol of the greatness of Rome and the stage for the historical fights of the gladiators. But Rome is also the capital of a modern west European country…one that leads in fashion, plays football and is a member of the European Union. You’ll find an astonishing agglomeration of the old and the new in Rome: modern museums and ancient architecture. Moreover it is the only city on earth that incloses a whole state, the enclave of the Vatican City state.


Florence is the city of your dreams. It seems unbelievable that this striking beauty exists in such a small expanse of land…but it exists! A sun - burnt orange glow on its towering dome is just one facet of this beauty.
Florence was once a flourishing trading town but it was the Renaissance culture that made the city what it is today: the capital of art, architecture, commerce and political thought.


Italy’s fabled and famed city of serenity earned its name largely because cars did not disturb the city’s atmosphere.
Venice is beautiful. Millions of postcards and pictures couldn’t capture its thrill: the treasures of the Accademia Galleries, the rising morning mist of its spring, the shadowy browns of a decadent delicious delightful autumn, the splash of gondolas, sinewy gondoliers and the colors from Murano glassware.


South Italy’s most famous town brims with energy and for all its disarray, it only gets more appealing the more time you spend in it. You will discover that Naples, set in the bay, has exquisite natural beauty, great year-round balmy climate as well as lovely palaces and churches within which lie exquisite treasures.


While visiting Pisa it is indispensable to walk up to the "Square of Miracles", one of the main tourist attractions in Italy. The architectural ensemble in white marble trim is of singular beauty. If you want to climb up the world famous Leaning Tower (in Italian: "Torre Pendente") you can not be afraid of heights but the view from the top is absolutely stunning.